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5 Limiting Beliefs that Keep You Broke 💀

"We are all held down by our lowest level limiting belief."

Just like a virginity pledge at a sorority party, a limiting belief can really f**k up the party. These beliefs — as dissected in the Straight Line System — are insidious and you should eliminate them from your life. Here’s some common limiting beliefs you may have fallen prey to:

  1. If I get rich, I'll become a greedy bastard: Money makes you more of what you already are. If you're a dickhead, money will make you a bigger dickhead. If you're a sexy beast, money will make you sexier.

  2. I'm not cut out for this entrepreneur shit: One bad experience could be all it takes to convince you that you shouldn't start your own business, like a bad night convincing you to swear off sex forever.

  3. Selling is for evil motherf**kers: Some people think of the old-timey, carpet-bagging, snake-oil salesman who'd sell his own mother for a quick buck, but that's horse shit. Selling is what makes the gears of the economy turn. Selling is living. Selling is everything.

  4. I'll have to sacrifice everything: Look, there's no harder work than punching a clock, like a hamster on a wheel, day in and day out, until your soul is as empty as your bank account.

  5. The world happens to me, like a surprise finger in the ass: People with this limiting belief see themselves as creatures of circumstance, rather than creators of circumstance. They bitch and moan about everything, but money is the greatest problem solver known to man.

So next time you have these thoughts creep up, remember to kill them where they stand. It’s time to replace limiting beliefs with empowering beliefs!

BONUS #6: Another HUGE limiting belief is that you can’t afford to invest in yourself. In reality, you can’t afford not to… (invest in yourself right here).


How You Can Destroy Limiting Beliefs 💣

Once upon a time, you found yourself stuck in a rut, your entrepreneurial spirit held back by limiting beliefs. You decided to take control of your destiny and wrote down the three beliefs that had been f**king you over.

You revisited the pivotal moments that gave these beliefs power:

  • A childhood memory of being scolded for your lemonade stand

  • The financial struggles of your teen years

  • A college lecture demonizing wealth

You examined the consequences of these beliefs, realizing how they led to missed opportunities and poor decisions (such as NOT getting ALL of my courses this weekend while they’re bundled at 90 percent off).

A wise mentor introduced you to the Dr. Bandler NLP process – a powerful tool for erasing limiting beliefs. The Timeline Regression process was challenging, but you faced the pain head-on.

As you confronted each belief, they started to crumble. You felt a profound shift, replacing the old beliefs with empowering ones:

"I am a natural-born salesperson; money flows to me easily; money is a problem-solving tool for good."

Emerging from the Timeline Regression, you tackled your business ventures with renewed passion. Sales soared, and success latched onto you like a leech on a hemorrhoid.

Your journey inspired others to break free from their own limiting beliefs, and you became a symbol of the power of self-belief.

Key takeaway: You control your destiny.


Complete Course Bundle Over 90% Off 🤯

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