The 4 Key Empowered States

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“There are four key empowered states (which lead to massive wealth and success) and four key disempowered states (which lead to poverty and failure).”

Disempowered states are like f**king herpes. And they need to be treated ASAP.

This is because you transfer whatever you’re thinking or feeling or projecting to the prospect. In a disempowered state, you can’t close. 

If you walk around in a state of fear and uncertainty—in a disempowered state—you won’t be able to close even a single sale, because your disempowerment will transfer to your prospects.

You transfer whatever you are thinking, feeling, and projecting. Your state determines how you operate in each moment.

What’s the opposite of uncertainty, overwhelm, lack of confidence and fear?

An empowered state. 

There are four key empowered states. 

  1. Certainty

  2. Clarity

  3. Confidence

  4. Courage

Your state dictates how you operate in the moment. 

Everything you say and do during the encounter is designed to move your prospect down the Straight Line, while transferring your own massive certainty to your prospect.

That certainty doesn’t come from the Straight Line System. The system is the technology that allows for the transfer of certainty, but it’s up to you to actually create that certainty.

The Straight Line System allows for the elegant transfer of certainty in a way that doesn’t alarm your prospect or break rapport.

Sales is about the transference of emotion. At the highest level, the emotion you are transferring is certainty about the product, you, and your company. If you aren’t in a peak state of certainty, there’s nothing to transfer!

Think back on this week: Were you mostly empowered or mostly disempowered?

Key takeaway: You control your destiny.


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