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Two things: it’s Memorial Day and this is a sales email.

But it just so happens to be packed with useful information that when applied, can change the trajectory of your financial success.

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That’s it — now here’s your extra value for the day, which happens to come from our Straight Line System…


(Cue the 8 Mile soundtrack)

“The only thing standing between you and your goal is the bullshit story you keep telling yourself as to why you can't achieve it.”

Picture this: you’re about to pick up the phone for the very first time to sell a product you truly believe in. I’m standing next to you. You ask me for some advice.

Here’s 13 tips to help you close the sale:

  • In the first 4 seconds of a sales encounter, establish that you are sharp as a tack, enthusiastic as hell, and an expert in your field.

  • Use appropriate tonality and body language to build rapport and convey certainty about your product, yourself, and your company (the Three Tens).

  • Carry yourself — and dress — in a way that is congruent with an expert in your field to increase your credibility.

  • Ask prospects for permission to ask questions, go from less invasive to more invasive questions, and always follow a logical path.

  • Write an inspiring vision statement in the present tense and review it daily. Think big and believe you can achieve it.

  • When writing your sales script, focus on benefits not just features, include checkpoints to engage the prospect, and write in spoken not perfect language.

  • Hold yourself to high standards that are congruent with your vision. Do the things you have to do even when you don't feel like it.

  • After the first sales objection, use a money aside/hypothetical tonality to uncover the prospect's true level of certainty.

  • Identify your limiting beliefs, the references that make you think they are true, and the negative consequences they have caused. Then vividly imagine the positive impact of adopting the opposite, empowering beliefs.

  • Correctly onboard new customers and manage their expectations to turn them into raving fans. Under-promise and over-deliver.

  • Have a defined "customer path" outlining which products you will offer clients over time based on their needs. Provide increasing value.

  • Overcome referral reluctance by saying "I understand, all I ask is when you see how great this product is in a week or two, you introduce me to others then. Sound good?"

  • When asking for referrals, use the word "introduce" instead of "refer" and "help" instead of "get/give". Ask about introducing you to their friends, family, neighbors or business associates.

These are just a handful of facts — the tip of the iceberg.

To apply them — to make sure you implement each one to change your life as quickly as possible — scroll down to the next section and press the red button.

Key takeaway: You control your destiny.


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