Buyers in Heat vs. Tire-kickers

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“There are four main types of buyers. Learning how to identify the buyer type as quickly as possible allows you to bring them into your sales funnel or sift them out of your funnel and move on.”

Knowing what type of buyer you are dealing with is one of the most important parts of prospecting.

There are four main types of buyers.

  1. Buyers in heat. They need, want, can use, and can afford your product.

  2. Buyers in power. They want, can use, and can afford your product, but have no real sense of urgency.

  3. Lookie-loos and tire-kickers. These f**kers disguise themselves as buyers in power, but they’re just window-shoppers.

  4. Mistakes. These are people who get dragged into your pipeline, often by accident, but they’re easy enough to filter out.

Your sales funnel will vary depending on which type of sales approach you use, but in general your number of sales leads versus your final sales rate will follow a similar breakdown.

Case Study: Let’s say you have a sales funnel of 100 people. You will likely be able to make contact with about 50 of them.

From those 50, you will typically only be able to get in touch with about half of those who are decision makers, or 25 total (keep in mind that you should not make sales presentations to gatekeepers—only decision makers. You will learn how to get past gatekeepers shortly.)

Less than half of these 25 decision makers will actually be decision makers and qualified leads. For the approximately 10 prospects who are left, you will try to set up a sales presentation—but less than half of them (about five) will accept the presentation.

From there, the hard truth is that you will only close half of the qualified leads you present to. So out of 100 leads, you will only close about two or three people. While this is true, a top producer will have a more significant presentation rate and closing rate.

Key takeaway: You control your destiny.


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